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When you finish the quiz, answer these questions about Charles Dickens and Christmas Carol :

A Christmas Carol's Quiz

  1. When and where was he born ?

  2. Did he get married ?

  3. Did he have any children ?

  4. How old was he when he died ?

  5. Name two important novels apart from Chirstmas Carol.

  6. When was Cristmas Carol published ?

  7. How long did it take to write the story of Christmas Carol? ( clue : TRIVIA )

  8. Write two quotes from the story.
  9. In 1867 Dickens read A Christmas Carol at a public reading in Chicago. One of the audience members , Mr. Fairbanks, was a scale manufacturer...What did he do ? ( clue : TRIVIA )

  10. Write five words you have learnt from the story.

Listen to the pupils of 2 B and 2 C reading scenes 5 and 6 of Cristmas Carol :

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2 C

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Talking about music

What music do you like ?

- What Cd is this , Mireia?
- It's the new Aventura CD
- I can't stand Aventura!
- What music do you ike?

- Estopa
- What about ECDL ? Do you like them?
- They're fantastic. The singer is really cool!
- Yeah, I really like them, too.


Listen to : Kevin and Albert

Kevin & Albert.WAV

Now listen to Fran and Joan :

Joan & Fran
Joan & Fran.WAV
Hosted by eSnips

...listen to Yani and Cristian :
Cristian & Yani.WA...

Finally , that's another dialogue between Josep and Emanuel :

Josep & Emanuel.WA...

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In this blog we want to show the teacher all the things we learn in class.

We are going to introduce ourselves first